Lancaster Engines – Our Services

From an Engine Machining perspective our expertise lies with giving engine components and assemblies a thorough technical examination before sentencing of the components takes place. This sentencing basically determines whether or not the components or assemblies can be refurbished using our machinery or need to be completely replaced with new parts. We do also offer a strip down and re-assembly service for items such as cylinder heads however, we do not offer a service to remove engines from the vehicles themselves.

Lancaster Engines regularly undertakes work on Car, Motorcycle, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Agricultural, Aviation, Stationary, and Plant engines of all ages including Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Historic.

Our services are highly specialised, we have listed some of the operations and services that we carry out on a regular basis below:

  • Cylinder block boring & honing
  • Cylinder block re-sleeving / liners
  • Con rod balancing
  • Crankshaft grinding and polishing
  • Crankshaft balancing
  • Disc and drum skimming
  • Flywheel machining
  • Flywheel balancing
  • Flywheel lightening
  • Head skimming and pressure testing
  • Cylinder liners made to suit blocks
  • Milling, turning & cylinder and surface grinding
  • Piston balancing
  • Valve & seat re-cutting
  • Valve seat inserts & valve guides fitted (Inc. Unleaded)
  • White metalling


Whilst Engine Machining is at the heart of what we do at Lancaster Engines we also offer impartial help and advice, sourcing of rare, unique and difficult to find components as well as offering bespoke and “one off” machining services. You can also buy your engine related consumables such as valve grinding paste, gasket jointing compound, oils & lubricants from us at very competitive prices, so check out the shop on our website and pay our Ebay page a visit via the link on our home page.

Work can be dispatched to and from customers throughout the UK as well as Overseas though it is recommended for the customer to discuss their requirements and aims with us first.